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ALLIANCE FOOD EXPERT COMPANY LIMITED. The owner of the brand of crispy mushrooms “Munchroom” collaborated with “The Redemptorist Foundation” in order to help disabled children fill their stomachs and provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

munchroom ร่วมกับมูลนิธิพระมหาไถ่

ALLIANCE FOOD EXPERT COMPANY LIMITED, distributor under the brand “Munchroom”, crispy Bhutan Oyster mushroom snacks has collaborated with the Redemptorist Foundation which is led by Mr. Chatupong Siriprawatkul Chief Executive and Dr. Khemanat Leesrisupchai, Managing Director of Products. As a representative to donate rice, dry food, and Munchroom crispy Bhutan Oyster mushrooms, worth 10,000 baht under the "Full Body, Sabai Bun" project to the Redemptorist Foundation, to help and develop people with disabilities and ready to provide opportunities for people with disabilities from the Redemptorist Foundation to work in the position of Call Center. This is considered as creating opportunities and promoting people with disabilities to have the ability to work.

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Mr. Chatupong Siriprawatakul, the CEO of Alliance Food Expert Company Limited said, “At Alliance Food Expert, we are proud to be a part of and support in promoting health, good nutrition for people with disabilities with the concept of, Munchroom wanting to promote nutrition for Thai people to eat delicious food, good for health with guaranteed standards. (Standards certified by the FDA, Halal, HACCP, Codex, and GHPs) There is also the idea of improving the quality of life of the disabled by providing opportunities for the disabled at the Redemptorist Foundation to come and work in the company, position of responding to Call Center chats, it is an important force in delivering to Thai people to get nutritious food, eat delicious food, and is good for the health. 

Mr. Chatupong Siriprawatakul, the CEO of Alliance Food Expert Company Limited further said that our Call Center provides comprehensive customer support both offline and online through the Redemptorist Foundation of Disabled Persons, who can provide information Introducing how to buy products, receive notifications of problems, and request assistance through the online system as close as possible to the company's employees. The disabled must undergo training on how to provide information correctly before providing services. Including bringing technology to connect work between the company's teams. No matter where you are, you can work anywhere, anytime. This can be considered an opportunity for people with disabilities to show their potential to fully participate in driving the organization's operations.

For people with disabilities who have the opportunity to work with the company, most of them are amputees who can use other organs of the body to work with computers and telephones actively and efficiently, the company has hired people to work in the position of Call Center, which the company has created an online work system, to connect, and facilitate people with disabilities in order to be able to work at the Foundation without having to travel far to work at the office and there are regular meetings via video conference between the company team and the foundation workers. This is to report work results and problems encountered during work along with introducing skills, including methods for solving problems encountered during work, etc.

Alliance Food Expert aims to expand its network into convenience stores, online channels, and E-commerce.

In the future, Alliance Food Expert will expand to include convenience stores and department stores near you, including Big C (refrigerator department), Tops, Thailand Postmark, Phumjai Thai shop, Family Mart, Golden Place, SE-ED Book Center, Lemon farm shop, SCS shop, (Drug Square ) and online channels, Delivery Platform, including various E-Commerce. Munchroom is ready to provide quality products that match the target group who love health and those who like to eat delicious snacks that has various benefits as well.

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Alliance Food Expert Company Limited, as a producer and distributor of 100% crispy Bhutan Oyster mushrooms under the brand "Munchroom", produces flavors in order to satisfy consumers according to their preferences, there are 11 different flavors including:

  • Original Flavor
  • Spicy Squid Flavor
  • Spicy Clam Flavor
  • B.B.Q Flavor
  • Tom Yum Flavor
  • Roasted Duck Flavor
  • Sesame Flavor
  • Original Flavor 
  • Sesame Flavor
  • B.B.Q Flavor
  • Green Curry Flavor

We are ready to provide products that convey "concern to health-conscious menus" starting with concern for those close to us. Concerning the health of Dr. Khemanat Lorsrisupachai (The management of Alliance Food Expert Co., Ltd.), youngest son who has been sick with diabetes since childhood which Dr. Khemanat Lorsrisupachai has made it a source of creating snacks that are different, emphasizing nutritional value, it tastes delicious, and can be eaten by all genders and all ages.

The Redeemer Foundation, in order to enhance the capabilities of people with disabilities, Disability International has been educating people with disabilities to make them employable for more than 40 years which lets people with disabilities have a better standard of living, be proud of being self-reliant, and have a better standard of living. Approximately 524 people with disabilities have received assistance. education has been provided to people with disabilities, supports them, and assistance in all aspects so that they can find employment and find their value in life.