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Alliance Food Expert Company Limited recognizes the importance of protecting your personal information. The Company has therefore created a privacy policy. Privacy and processing of personal data, (“Privacy Policy”) is created to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act 2019, including other related laws and any amended laws that may be in the future, and as a guideline for protecting personal information with appropriate security measures, to prevent the loss, access, use, change, modification, or disclosure of personal information without authority or illegally and ensure that such measures are reviewed. When necessary or when technology changes.

This privacy policy covers platforms, websites, mobile applications, Customer service centers, (call center) social media channels, and online communication channels as well as other places where your personal information is collected, to achieve the purposes according to this privacy policy. Please read and understand the privacy policy before registering for membership to use the website. For your highest benefit, the company promises to keep your information as confidential as possible.

Article 1: Meaning of personal information

Refers to information about a person. This makes it possible to identify that person, whether directly or indirectly, such as name, surname, telephone number, email address, identification card number, photograph, work history, etc. This does not include information about the deceased, or any information relating to the individual, whether it is recorded is concrete or not, and whether true or false. This can be used to identify individuals from that data (whether directly or indirectly) or from that information and any other information to which we have access or may have access which includes shipping information, shipping address, phone number, email, Line ID, Facebook account/ID, Google account/ID, Twitter account/ID, Tiktok account/ID, and user accounts on other social media sites.

Article 2: Personal information we collect from you

We may collect or receive the following types of information, which may include your personal information directly or indirectly from you, other sources, other companies, or business partners.

2.1 Personally identifiable information such as your name, gender, picture, profile, and date of birth.

2.2 Contact information such as shipping information, shipping address, phone number, email, Line ID, Facebook account/ID, Google account/ID, Twitter account/ID, TikTok account/ID, and accounts on other social media sites.

2.3 Financial information such as bank account details, credit card details, and payment details. (Such accounting information may be collected directly from our affiliates and/or third parties providing payment services)

2.4 Transaction information such as details regarding orders, payments, and other details about products and services relevant to you.

2.5 Technical information such as computer serial number, login information, type and version of the program used to access the website, time zone and location settings, type or version of the embedded program used to access the website, operating system and platform, mobile device universal identifier serial number, unique numbers on your device and information, cookies (if applicable), and other technology on the device you use to access our platform. Including any other technical information resulting from the use of our platform and systems.

2.6 Personal details such as your username and password, personal details and pictures, purchases, order history, purchase history, products purchased, the quantity of products, orders or product recall orders by you, order via website, details of cash on delivery, order ID, your interests, preferences, responses and survey results, satisfaction survey on social media, membership program information, discount codes and promotions you use, Customer order details, and Customer service.

2.7 Usage information such as information about your purchasing behavior, your search or use of the website, platform, application, viewing of products and services, or viewing content on the platform, using our products and services items in the cart list of products you are interested in, record product notifications, and more.

2.8 Marketing and communication information, such as your preferences in receiving marketing information from us, our affiliates, third parties, business partners, and preferred forms of communication.

2.9 Additional information. We may ask you to provide additional information to verify your identity (such as a copy of a government-issued identification document) or if we believe you have violated our Privacy Policy or Terms of Use.

Article 3: Methods that the company collects your personal information

3.1 Collect personal information directly from you. The Company receives your personal information from filling out user registration information. Pre-application access and includes processes for concluding reciprocal contracts, sales contracts and those related to orders on platforms, websites, mobile applications. Customer service center (call center) social media channels Online communication channels.

3.2 Where you provide personal information about yourself. and other people's information related to you.

3.3 Collection of your personal information from other organizations or agencies. The Company may collect your information from other agencies or organizations for use in fulfilling reciprocal contracts, sales contracts, and those related to orders placed on the platform, website, app, apps on mobile phones, customer service center, social media channels, or online communication channels.

3.4 When you apply for membership to purchase products or use various products of the Company by filling out various information forms through the website and applications.

3.5 When you order the company's products and services.

3.6 When you communicate, ask for information, give opinions, suggestions, criticisms, and complaints through various channels of the company such as websites, applications, emails, Customer Service Center, social media, etc.

3.7 When you apply or participate in marketing activities or any other activities organized on behalf of the company

3.8 When you press to receive news or public relations media from the company.

3.9 When you visit and/or use websites, applications, and various online services that use cookies or other similar technologies to collect information about your usage details. Please study and understand the company's cookie policy in detail.

Article 4: Purpose of use disclose and process personal information

The Company will use and/or disclose your personal information with your consent for the following purposes:

4.1 Processing your orders 1) To process orders you place through the Platform. 2) To deliver products according to your orders made through the Platform. We may send your personal information to third parties. (such as our partner delivery companies) 3) to inform you of the delivery situation. 4) to provide you with care regarding the products and services you have purchased. 5 ) to verify and process payment transactions (including credit card payments). Bank account transfer non-internet payments, money transfers, or transactions via electronic wallets) in connection with any payments made by you and/or the services you use, to verify and process the payment transactions money. We will need to forward payment information. This may include personal information to third parties, such as our payment service providers. 

4.2 Providing services 1) to facilitate the use of the platform service. 2) to manage your user account. (if any) 3) To display your name or your user details on the platform including any reviews that you may post. 4) To respond to problems, opinions, and requests, whether it is products or services received directly from the platform, or from service providers that are partners with us. 5) To facilitate the membership program. (Membership Program)  

4.3 Marketing and Communications. We collect, use, and disclose your personal information to provide you with special privileges and promotionssales, special offers, advertising, alerts, news, information, marketing, and other communications about products and services from us. Our affiliates, subsidiaries, and/or business partners

4.4 Business operations Analysis and development to evaluate , manage, research, and develop products and services. To improve business operations even further.

4.5 Compliance with regulatory duties and obligations to proceed in accordance with the law legal process or orders of government agencies and/or law enforcement agencies In cases where there is reason to believe that we must take such action to comply with the law, including the provision and management of Value Added Tax (VAT refund) services, the issuance of tax invoices, or issue a full tax form Disclosing information to tax authorities Financial Services Regulator and other government organizations and agencies for supervision and the investigation or prevention of crimes.

4.6 Corporate transactions. In the event of a sale, transfer, merger, organizational restructuring, or other similar events, we may transfer your information to one or more third parties which is part of the transaction, including due diligence.

Article 5: Disclosure of information to third parties

The Company will not disclose any of your personal information without your consent or in addition to cases permitted by personal data protection laws. However, for the benefit of providing services to you, the Company may forward, transfer, and/or disclose Your personal information, to our service companies including 1) transportation (logistics) and warehousing service providers. 2) payment service providers. 3) data analysis service providers. 4) representative companies or survey agency's Information. 5) Auditor. 6) Representative company or communications agency Advertising and marketing media. 7) Event organizers. 8) Hired third-party management service providers. 9) Cloud storage and service providers. 10) business partners or any other person with whom the company is a contractual party, whether domestic or foreign. We will provide our service providers with only as much information as is necessary for them to provide the service and will request the service provider not to use your information for any other purposes.

Article 6: Transferring your personal information to foreign countries

"Article 6: Transferring your personal information to foreign countries We may disclose or transfer your personal information to third parties or service providers located abroad which the destination country may have or there may not be an equal level of protection for personal data. We will take steps and measures to ensure that the transfer of your data is safe and that the person receiving the data has a level of protection. Appropriate personal data protection or other cases as required by law and we will ask for your consent to transfer your personal information abroad if necessary to comply with the law."

Article 7: Period for which we keep your personal information

We will retain your personal information for as long as is reasonably necessary to achieve the purposes for which we received the personal information. and to comply with legal and regulatory obligations. However, we may retain your personal information for longer if required by applicable law.

Article 8: Security measures for personal information

The Company is aware of the importance of maintaining the security of your personal information. The Company therefore strives to protect your information by establishing appropriate measures to maintain the security of your personal information and following the confidentiality of personal information to prevent loss, access, destruction, use, transformation, modification, or disclosure without rights or unlawfully. The Company will examine the methods of collecting personal information. A space to store data and carry out processing practices including physical security measures to be under the policies and guidelines for maintaining information technology security of the company.

Article 9: Cookies and how to use cookies

When you visit our website We will automatically collect certain information from you through the use of cookies.

Cookies are small data files that are sent to your browser to store information about your visit to a website (if you allow) which helps the website or service provider's system recognize your browser and remember certain information including behavioral data and checking the frequency of visitors to the website. However, the company will not be able to determine your name address, or other information from the code in the cookie file, unless you provide such information to the website or automatically set preferences in your browser. This makes it easier for you to visit the company's website when you visit the company's website. The Company will automatically collect your information through cookies or other similar technologies. If you do not want cookies to be placed in your browser. You can choose to reject the cookie file, reject, the restriction of use, or disable tracking technology. This may cause the efficiency of the service of the Company's website to decrease or some parts of the Company's website may be limited and may not function properly.

Third parties may also use cookies through our website to manage advertising relevant to your interests based on your search activity. These third parties may collect your search history or other information to understand how you access the website and pages you visit after leaving our website. Information collected through these automated intermediaries may be related to personal information you have previously provided on our website.

If you choose to decline the use of cookies that we use for advertising purposes, the Company will stop using those cookies. However, this does not mean that you will not see advertisements when you visit the company's website. It just means that the advertisements you see may not be relevant to your interests. You can delete and refuse to store cookies by following the instructions specified in each web browser you are using.

Article 10: Rights of the owner of personal data

Subject to the provisions of the law and exemptions from relevant laws. You may have rights as specified as follows:

Access: You may have the right to request access to or obtain a copy of the personal information we collect, use, or disclose information about you for your privacy and safety. We may ask you to verify your identity before providing the requested information.

Correction: You may have the right to request correction of personal information that we have collected, use, or disclose information about you to be accurate, current, complete, and not cause misunderstandings.

Data portability: You may have the right to request the personal data we hold about you in an organized and readable electronic format to send or transfer such information to another personal data controller, whenever possible, and have the right to request personal data that we send or transfer personal data in such form directly to another data controller unless unable to proceed due to technical reasons.

Objection: You may have the right to object to the collection, use, or disclosure of your personal information.

Request to suspend use: You may have the right to request suspension of the use of your personal information in certain circumstances.

Withdrawal of consent:For the purposes for which you have given us consent to collect, or disclose your personal information, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

Deletion or destruction of information: You may have the right to request that we delete, destroy information, or make your personal information that we collect, use, or disclose, it is information that cannot identify the person who owns the information unless our retention of such information is for the purpose of complying with the law or to establish legal claims, for the exercise or protection of legal claims.

Submitting a complaint: You may have the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Department of "Munchroom" at [email protected] or the authorized agency in the event that you believe that the collection of our use or disclosure of personal data is unlawful or inconsistent with applicable data protection laws.

Article 11: Deleting or destroying member information

  • The right to withdraw consent to process personal data that you have given consent to the company. Throughout the period that your personal information is with the Company, however, if you withdraw your consent, the Company may not be able to provide convenience, communicate, or able to provide some or all of the services to you.
  • The right to access your personal information and request that the company make a copy of such personal information for you.
  • Right to request the Company adjust incorrect information, not current, or incomplete information added.
  • The right to request the company to delete, destroy, or make your personal information anonymous in some cases according to relevant laws.

Article 12: Contact us details

If you wish to exercise your rights regarding personal information or if you have any questions about your personal information under this privacy policy. Please contact us or our Personal Data Protection Officer at

  1. ALLIANCE FOOD EXPERT COMPANY LIMITED 42/6 Moo 4, Bangkawbua, Pra-pradeang, Samutprakarn, Thailand 10130. Tel. 02-006-7235 or Email:
  2. Personal Data Protection Officer Personal Data Protection Officer Personal Data Protection Department, Alliance Food Expert Company Limited, 42/6 Moo 4, Bangkawbua, Pra-pradeang, Samutprakarn, Thailand 10130. Email: [email protected]